35mm x mainland 2015

I recently developed film and picked it up last week. I have since misplaced those photos after being with them for less than 24 hours. (I’m sure it’s somewhere, either my cousin’s car or grandma’s house or my house.) I know I’m forgetful, but it happens. I’m just thinking of it as being another treat once I find it again. Anyways, I started to remember the … Continue reading 35mm x mainland 2015

Where Have I Been?

I’ve been here. I’ve been there. But I haven’t been everywhere I’d like yet, but that’s okay. I’m sorry it’s been a while. It seemed like I disappeared after June, and I guess I kinda did. But not really. I don’t really know. I noticed that whenever I go on vacation or visit somewhere else, I tend to use social media and my phone less. … Continue reading Where Have I Been?

250/365 – September 7, 2015

Went back to Ocean Shores since mostly everyone was off of work! I actually went here last year – it was the last thing I did before going back home but now it’s kinda the first thing I did at the start of my trip. This is the Pacific Ocean that connects Washington to Maui. This beach is not like the beaches back home, but … Continue reading 250/365 – September 7, 2015