Getting Ready for 2017

The year ending always makes me nervous. It’s the ending part that is the most anxious part. But for every ending, there’s a new beginning, right? I’ve started to consolidate and categorize my files for this year in their respective folders. I’ve made plans to clean out my closet and change my bed sheets. I’ve changed my desktop wallpaper for a new change. I’ve changed … Continue reading Getting Ready for 2017

236/365 – August 24, 2015

I was interrupted twice to go outside to see these skies. Spent pretty much the whole day sewing. The first one took forever to sew but the second one was much quicker. I really like how these pouches turned out! And I’m already planning on my next pouch – I wanna stamp it with mangos (because mangos are my favorite) so I’m first testing out … Continue reading 236/365 – August 24, 2015