POW, #28 – Portrait as a Landscape

If I were a professional photographer or even a pro ameuter one, I vision using a dancer to do a great pose by the beach or on mountain or hillside mimicking a mountain or something.

But alas I am none of those things or have the resources to get a dancer that would do that for me.

Instead, I have myself.

I am aware that this photo is not at the right angle. It’s also clearly not the best.

I was trying to use my fingers, joints, and knuckles to mimick mountains. I remember when went to Alaska a few years ago I saw beautiful snow-tipped mountains next to each other and it was amazing.

I know my hands are far from.being snow-tipped (I am so brown). But I like the shapes of hands. I like how they have valleys and creases. They have texture. 

So I tried getting that mountain vibe, but it turned out okay. 


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