POW, #25 – Toy Story

My niece and nephew come over to our house weekly so we no doubt have a lot of toys laying all around.

They have all kinds of toys. Dolls, figurines, blocks, cards, cars, house, kitchen, cups, plates, food, shark, fish, ducks, and rocking bull. I love it when my niece arranges her Barbie’s just so so that they’re all facing one way and have food plates on their laps. Or when she tries to serve us lunch and tea with her toys.

No use cleaning up right after they take a nap because they’ll only wake up and make more mess again. So when the kids go home we clean. These are happy sleeping toys.

I especially love the Barbies in bunkbeds on the bottom right of the photo. My niece used like desk note/mail trays. I absolutely love kids creativity and imagination.


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