June Favorites & Things


  • Wonder Woman (2017)
    • I thought this movie was great. I cried. Her character is amazing and good.
    • I can’t wait to see more of Gal – she’s beautiful!
  • Ed Sheeran Carpool Karaoke
    • YES YES YES YES. I’ve been waiting for this for so long. I love love love Ed Sheeran. He’s my favorite. I loved the songs he sang. He’s amazing.
  • Mr. Robot’s Rami Malek Visits the Museum of Ice Cream
    • I quite liked the show Mr. Robot. I thought it was fascinating – very thought-provoking (and provoking in other things too).
    • I love the episode titles.
    • It was so interesting to have everything play out the way it did. Not what I expected at all, but really good nonetheless.
  • Baby Daddy
    • I actually started watching this show in May when I found out that it was ending. (Yeah, I know, but I’m like that.)
    • I’ve seen the show on Netflix. I’ve wanted to watch it but never really had the urge to start it. But then I did (because it was ending). And I am so glad because I don’t think I could have handled waiting after all those season finale cliffhangers. (Thank you Netflix!)
    • The will-they/won’t-they started eating me up. It was great.
    • And then the last season came to Netflix this month and I just couldn’t wait to watch it. I know that wasn’t the intended series finale episode, so naturally I want more. I WANT MORE.
  • Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Season 6
    • I’ve watched Agent’s of SHIELD since it started airing, but truthfully I kind of lost touch with this show during these last seasons.
    • I don’t know why. I love the show. The characters are great. It just didn’t interest me the same way it did in the beginning.
    • But I saw that the last season came to Netflix so I watched it.
    • I really liked it. The beginning episodes were a bit slow, but it picked up.
    • I loved seeing past characters.
    • I loved seeing characters out of character.
    • It was good.
  • The Flash
    • Oh, my beloved The Flash. I have been missing watching Barry Allen/Grant Gustin so I decided to rewatch the series on Netflix while I wait for the new season to come back in October
    • I missed seeing younger Barry Allen. And younger everyone too
    • Even though I know what’s going the happen, the episodes still get me
    • I even got my cousin to start watching it (yay!)
  • Moana on Netflix


  • Bleachers – Gone Now album
    • I waited for this album to come and when I heard it the first time, I only liked the songs I previous heard
    • But then I started really listening to the songs
    • And oh my, this album is so good
    • The perfect summer driving around town album
    • I love how the songs connect and intertwine with each other
    • Favorites:
      • Goodmorning
        • This song makes me feel nostalgic somehow
        • “I lied to your face in the summer / You had long hair then” ~ I remember when I cut my hair short last summer and this takes me back to that time even though the lyrics don’t really relate to it.
      • All My Heroes
      • I’m Ready to Move On / Mickey Mantle Reprise
        • I love the beat of this song
        • “Why wait a minute to tell her I love”
        • “Stars are out but she’s burning brighter”
  • Harry Styles – Two Ghost live 
  • Despacito – Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee featuring Justine Bieber
    • Yes, I got sucked in to liking this song
    • It’s just so darn catchy
  • P.A.S.T.A – Tom Rosenthal
    • Lyrics are amazing. It’s everything I’ve ever wanted
    • “Feed me carbs, baby / Ravioli daily / Al dente in the soul”
    • “Beauty in the blandness / Cheese for the sadness / Pesto for the hole”
    • “Oh words, cannot quite explain how I’ve loved you my entire life”
      • I could not have said it better myself
  • Taylor Swift discography now on Spotify and other online streaming sites
    • I miss country Taylor Swift
    • I was listening to some Tim McGraw, Pictures to Burn, Fearless
    • So good
  • Lorde – Melodrama album
    • I love the rawness and growth of the songs
    • Her voice is beautiful
    • Favorites:
      • Supercut
        • Quite possibly my favorite favorite
      • Green Light
      • Liability (Reprise)
      • Perfect Places
  • Little of Your Love – HAIM
    • The beat I love
    • Everything I love
    • “Stop running your mouth like that / ‘Cause you know I’m gonna give it right back”


  • The Boy Most Likely Too by Huntley Fitzpatrick
    • I always appreciate it when books are written in multiple perspectives
    • Some parts were predictable, some parts weren’t
    • Since it’s kind of a part two, I was slightly lost since I didn’t reread the other book, but it wasn’t critical
    • I thought it was still really good
  • The Square Root of Summer by Harriet Reuter Hapgood
    • This book was really good
    • Baking – yes
    • Time travel – yes
    • Capsule – yes
    • I have a soft spot for childhood crushes turned older romance
    • I also wasn’t expecting that
    • It was great. Very good summery book


  • L’Oréal Clay Shampoo and Conditioner
    • This is for hair with oily roots
    • I really like it. It makes my hair nice and soft for quite some time and it’s just really nice
  • Lipsense Lipstick, shade: Roseberry
    • This stuff will stay on your lips, no joke
    • I didn’t think I would like a pinky shade, but surprisingly I really like it and it looks nice on me
  • Star Labs hoodie
    • As mentioned, I miss The Flash and Barry Allen and Team Flash
    • So I bought myself a Star Labs hoodie on Amazon
    • Of course it’s navy – similar to his sweater that he wears on the show
    • Can’t go wrong with a hoodie
  • Andaz Hotel
    • Really nice hotel
    • S’mores making by the poolside
    • Three infinity pools
    • Free sunscreen and water by the pools
    • Downside: no self-parking, only valet


  • $5 Fridays at Safeway
  • Felby 5th wedding anniversary
  • Long night driving by myself
    • I’m still getting used to driving at night, but I’m starting to like it


  • Lappert’s Ice-Cream
    • I absolutely love how you can smell the waffle cones even from the parking lot
  • Fish Koorma curry from Monsoon India
  • Kombucha
  • Pad Thai
    • If I had to choose one food to eat for the rest of my life I would pick noodles, any kind of noodles
    • But pad thai is my favorite kind
  • Hamakua Wild Mushroom Pizza from Merriman’s Monkeypod
  • Ka’ana Kitchen at Andaz Hotel ~ I got the Risotto

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