Letters to June, #24

Dear June,

I was supposed to go on a little trip today but it got cancelled. I’m sad about it but there’s nothing I can do to change the situation. I can only change my attitude.

Attitude is such a weird sounding word. Try say it out loud. My mouth and teeth and tongue gets all weird it feels wrong.

Today was such a lovely day. It was hot, a bit windy, and very sunny. It was a lovely day ti be out and about.

I had pizza and pasta for dinner. Four main P’s: pizza, pasta, pesto, pad Thai.

This is a very strange letter. I’m not quite feeling myself. I’m a bit sleepy meepy. And I keep pressing on zzz. I like the letter zz. I want to know more words that start with z.

I’ll write to you soon.

Love and all the good things,



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