Letters to June, #16

Dear June,

It’s a shame when it’s a beautiful day outside but you’re “stuck” inside working or whatnot.

Fortunately it was my day-off today and I got to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. Normally I’m not one to want to be outside. I like the outside, it’s the bugs I don’t like.

But once in a while I like to go outside and take in the beauty around me and remind myself that no matter how crappy some things are – like the pimples on my face and the other things I don’t like about my body, how I feel like some things in my life are slacking, how I hardly work on my hobbies anymore or how my dad is planning to sell our house – I am fortunate to be alive. I am fortunate to live in a place with so much beauty and aloha. I am so small in the grand scheme of things.

A lot of people place the highest of value on self-love, self-care, and putting yourself first. And of course that is important. I think that’s very important. But you what else is important June? Doing the right thing. Helping others when you can. There are other things that matter more than me.

That’s what I know. And I’m trying my best.

Anyways, I hope you had a great day June.

I’ll write to you soon.

Love and all the good things,



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