Letters to June, #13

Dear June,

I went to the storageroom to get a box of notebooks, which we give away to the faculty and staff during our workshops. It was a slightly bigger medium-sized box.

I thought I could carry it across campus and back to the office. The box wasn’t that heavy. And essentially, June, I am a strong, independent woman, who can carry things on her own.

But there were stairs I had to climb. And it was really hot. And still two-thirds of the way there.

I took a five minute break after the stairs. I made a plan that I would rest there then walk several more yards and rest by another building along the way before going to the office. My plan was set. And when I felt okay, I started my journey.

But then a (male) maintenance worker asked if I needed help. I said sure. And I wasn’t sorry.

Because June, even though I am a strong, independent woman, I am also a below-average strength woman who occasionally needs help.

I thought I could do it. And I probably would have carried it all the way all on my own.

But it’s okay to accept help too June. Remember that.

I’ll write to you soon.

Love and all the good things,



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