POW, #22 – Geometric Shapes

Triangle, square, circle – basic geometric shapes. And if you really think about it, everything is basically shaped from a combination of these basic geometric shapes. (That’s a mouthful to say.)

I like geometry and geometric things. There’s a pattern to them. A formula even. Geometric pattern in architecture and design feels especially modern and contemporary.

This week we cruised around the beaches in Wailea and ended up in Grand Wailea. That hotel is nice. I saw this gazebo thing and I immediately knew I wanted to take a photo of that for this week’s challenge.

I stood underneath it in the middle (tried to at least). I like the geometric look it has with the coconut tree leaves behind it. But too bad there isn’t much circles here.

This photo is actually going outward but it could look the opposite if looked in a different perspective. I liked how this turned out.

Triangles are my favorite shapes. (alt-J reference)


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