May Favorites & Things


  • Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 (2017)
    • I didn’t like it as much as the first one, but I still thought it was really good
    • I actually saw it twice already
    • I liked how they gave Drax more lines. He had some of the most funniest lines. Especially the one about how it’s better to be ugly and loved because beautiful people don’t know who to trust. Classic.
    • Great soundtrack as the first
    • Baby Groot
  • Split (2016)
    • I really like these kinds of movies. Where you need to think and pay attention all while you are at the edge of your seat.
      • (Side note: Criminal Minds is one of my favorite shows.)
    • The concept of DID interests me and I wish I could have done my report on it for my psychology class, but alas it was already taken. (I ended up with bipolar disorder.)
    • Of course most of the things in the movie are exaggerated and fictional. But it still made for really great film.
    • My favorite part is when Hedwig dances. I want to learn his dance.
  • The Flash
    • Last few episodes of Season 3 got me. I knew that was gonna happen but it was still all good. I loved it. Can’t wait to rewatch the season again since it’s on Netflix now.
    • Iris video message to Barry – hit me in the feels
    • “Bart Allen” – classic. I loved that episode. I need more light-hearted Barry
    • The Flash kicking out Savitar out of his own suit
  • The CW has been on it with their shows.
    • Supergirl was good. Finale definitely made me cry
    • Arrow, like omg what just  happened? Now that’s how you do a finale
    • Jane The Virgin finale – I missed Michael so much (he was my fave) and I loved the Michael flashbacks and his voiceover for reading his letter. It was all so heartfelt. I got gushy feelings

Music I’ve been jamming to a lot:

  • HAIM – Want You Back; Right Now
    • I’ve heard of them before but never really got into their music. But I’m digging them now and I am glad they are back
    • Their live versions of the songs are so so so good
    • Bass face – I didn’t know it was a thing but I support it
  • Lorde – Green Light
    • Another artist I’m glad that is making new music again. This song is great. It makes me want to move. You know, pack up my things and just let go.
    • Seriously though, it’s such a good song. Sad lyrics with a good upbeat groove. I’m a fan.
    • I love it when this song comes on while I’m driving. I belt it out
  • Harry Styles – Harry Styles album
    • Sweet Creature
    • Two Ghosts
    • Harry Styles Carpool Karaoke
      • When he sings Sweet Creature is my favorite.
    • I’ve always known that boy could sing, but man, can he sing.

I only read one book this month (but I did start another):

  • Always and Forever, Lara Jean by Jenny Han
    • This book is the last of the ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’ trilogy. Honestly, this book is my least favorite out of the three books. And I thought the series would have been fine with just the two (as it was originally planned.) But, I still really loved the book.
    • I loved the family parts and issues.
    • I loved seeing Lara Jean and Peter’s relationship grow.
    • I love love seeing Peter grow as a person. This book made me love him even more. It all the more proved that Peter is the right choice for Lara Jean right now.
    • I love seeing Lara Jean come out of her shell.
    • I got irritated with her several times throughout the book, but it’s understandable. It made her had flaws, which is only human.
    • I loved the inclusion of songs.
      • Also, are there really kids nowadays that have never heard the song “From This Moment” by Shania Twain?? I love that song.
      • Best version of the song by far is the live one with Backstreet Boys


  • SoHa Living
  • Simply Styled Wireless bra from Sears – it was a 2 pack for about $13; what a steal
  • Herb Tofu from Whole Foods self-service bar
  • My dad bought me this Herbelin watch and I really like it. I remember my parents got me this Eeyore one when I was a kid, but the face got all scratched and I was very sad. And I never wore a watch again after that. But now I do


  • Listening to K-pop with my brother while cruising to Lahaina
  • Customer exchange:
    • Customer: “You have a really nice smile. Where did you get it?”
    • Me, bit baffled: “Ummm, my parents?”
    • Customer: “Well they did a good job”
    • Me: “Well thank you 🙂 “
  • UHMC graduation
  • Hawaii graduation in general – we get a whole bunch of leis and floaties and it’s just a really big thing here and I love it
  • Parents 36th wedding anniversary
  • Pumped gas on my own by myself for the first time

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