Letters to June, #5

Dear June,

I saw my nephew walk today. He doesn’t really know how to walk on his own or get up on his own yet but he’s definitely getting there. He walked so far in our living room. Well, as far as babies his age can. It was probably about 20 steps or something. On his own. Without any help. It was amazing see him do that. 

He’s going to be one year old in a few weeks. I remember telling you about him before he was born. And then when he was born. He’s growing up so fast. He’s already got like three teeth. And the way he waves goodbye is so cute.

Here’s a photo of him eating noodles:

He looks like he’s throwing up a shaka.

He’s definitely a handful and more. He cries a lot. And of course I know, he’s a baby duh, June, he’s supposed to cry a lot. And sometimes he slaps my face. And he gets whiny. And he wants to be held and carried all the time. But he’s such a ball of sunshine. Especially when he smiles. And it’s all worth it.

I’ll write to you soon June.

Love and all the good things,



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