POW, #18 – Purple

Fun fact: purple is my favorite color. So is blue. And my secret favorite color is maroon. But that’s beside the point.

This week is purple. And as much as I wanted to take a photo of a purple sky around sunset, there wasn’t one this week. So this will do.

This is my glasses. I’ve had them for almost two years now. The frames are from a brand called Altair. I didn’t think I would want brown frames again, but I guess I did because I chose it. 

I also chose these Crizal lenses. It’s a special type of lens that’s supposed to help with LCD screens etc etc. That’s why there’s a purple tint to my frames, especially underneath bright lights. I don’t mind the purple. But I can tell other people noticing them when they talk to me. Oh well, I like purple. 


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