POW, #17 – Loop Lighting

Loop lighting or loop lightning? Anyway, I do not have loop lighting. But the challenge also suggested that “if you don’t have an off camera flash setup, get creative with how you light your subject.”

There was a lot of ideas going through my head. I could use a neon sign. Or even the light from the little mirror thing from the car visor.

But I didn’t do any of those things. Instead I did this.

There was a yellow light I decided to take a (self) photo next too. I knew the yellow would be harsh and not translate well on my skin. But I also knew that it would make a really nice black-and-white photo. And I think it did.

There’s something about portraits that make me think of black-and-white. Maybe it’s the oldies feel. Maybe it’s the minimalism. Maybe I’m born with it. Maybe I just like a good black-and-white piece. 

There’s the shadows and highlights from the direction of the light. And the wall makes really nice contrasting texture.

Not what I was thinking for this week, but overall pleased.


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