POW, #16 – Leading Lines

Per challenge, it says, “Leading Lines are a very important compositional element that every photographer needs to master. Use leading lines to tell a story. No train tracks.”

I don’t even know where I would find train tracks since there are no trains on Maui. Wait… I take that back. There was the Sugar Cane Train. But that closed down a few years ago. The station and tracks are still there, but it’s on the other side of the mountain.

Anyways, leading lines. First thing that comes to mind is roads. Roads are linear and generally lead you to places. My neighborhood roads have nice S-curves and roads that look like they’re leading you straight to the mountain, which they do since I live on mountainside. I actually took a photo of something like that but I’m not going to use it.

Because lo and behold, a great sea of sunflowers took Maui by a storm. Just off the side of the highway it seemed like the sunflowers bloomed overnight.

Suddenly everyone was visiting the  sunflowers, taking photos of and in them, embracing them, posting about it. I too was such person. I visited the sunflower fields with my parents one sunny Sunday afternoon. It was great. They are so beautiful and yellow and tall.

The sunflowers are part of Pacific Biodesel for biofuel and all that jazz. Lovely isn’t it?

And look! A pathway. Where does it lead to? I don’t know. (I actually do know. Spoiler alert: it’s even more sunflowers. I think.) 

It seems like a beginning of a new adventure – sunny and bright. (More spoiler alert: it is.)


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