POW, #15 – Hard

Hard is one of those bizzare English words that is both an adjective and an adverb. This week we were to interpret it however we wanted.

I chose adverb.

For me, one of the hardest things is not only waking up early but also getting up early. I am not a morning person. I am quite grumpy. I get mad at my past self for not sleeping earlier. I don’t really like talking to anyone first thing in the morning, especially before I’ve brushed my teeth. That just feels weird to me. But I had to wake up a lot earlier than normal because if car situations. It’s not something I was happy about, but something I had to do. Making sacrifices is hard. But views like these has make it less hard. And now I think my body is slowly getting used to it.

It’s also hard to stop Instgramming or stop watching YouTube videos or your show or reading, especially at night when you need to sleep and you know you gotta wake up early the next morning. It’s hard for me to initiate conversation, and keep them  going. It’s hard to decide if I need to wash my hair or if it’ll be okay for one more day. It’s hard not to get mad at other peoples faults and mistakes. It’s even harder to just remember that we all make mistakes so I should just let it go.

There are so many things that are hard, or difficult, but are also very essential to life. It’s hard to grow. It’s hard to change. To get out of your comfort zone. To feel. To stop procrastinating. To apologize. To love. Or maybe loving is easy, and we are the ones that make it hard.

But then again, life and love would be so boring if things were easy, right?


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