POW, #14 – Panning

Okay, I need to confess: I kinda cheated this week. Panning is using a slower shutter speed while following the subject with the camera to create the sense of movement in an image.

But instead of using a nice camera with manual settings, I used my iPhone. 

And instead of being still while taking a photo of a moving object, I was in a moving object (a car) taking a photo of something still.

So you could call it can accident, but you could also call it reverse-panning, which sounds way better. It’s a thing, I just decided.

The tree was the thing that kept still in the photo. I really like how it’s the tree in the foreground is blurry. And I wish there was more color to the sky in the background. Overall it turned out quite nice.

And it’s quite a challenge to take a photo while in a moving vehicle, so a challenge was met regardless.


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