March Favorites & Things

  • March was such a big month for me
  • I had a job interview in the beginning
    • It was my first one in at least three/four years
    • And after not working for a year
  • I got hired! (At the time of said interview)
    • So far I’m really liking my new job.  It’s an office job, but it’s doing something I really like (designing) and I get to work my creative brain.
    • My supervisor is really nice and likes me
  • Also got my driver’s license this month!
    • I failed my first two tries, but this time I nailed it!
    • Well, I actually didn’t nail it nail it
    • I got three demerits
    • But I still passed!!
    • Did really well on the parallel parking part of the test, so that’s definitely a pat on the back for me
      • Considering that it was my first time parallel parking between two real cars
    • I was so nervous, but my driving instruction was so nice
    • I honestly thought I wasn’t going to pass, and I know going in with that kind of mentality hurts you but I’m glad I was able to pull through
  • Read three books this month:
    • Vinegar Girl by Anne Tyler
      • It was okay; felt kinda rushed. At the end, I was like, is that it?
    • Extraordinary Means by Robyn Schneider
      • Pretty good, I liked it. I love books that are written in different perspectives. And the characters were relateable too, which was really nice
      • Sadie: “He was familiar and unfamiliar, like a song I’d heard a different version of, and whose lyrics I couldn’t quite remember.”
      • Lane: “I ached in a way that wasn’t a symptom of being sick. It’s strange how we can lose things that are still right there.”
    • All the Missing Girls by Megan Miranda
      • Very interesting. I love the format – how it started from the end and went backwards. Definitely kept me on my toes
  • Ed Sheeran’s Divide ➗
    • I actually really like this album and how Ed dabbled with different sounds and styles. I feel like it has something for anyone with different tastes and moods
    • A lot of the songs make me want to dance and I love it
    • My favorite songs are: Perfect; How Would You Feel; Barcelona; Dive
    • I told Felby to buy me the album while they were in London and they did
  • Keurig refillable K-Pods are such a blessing
  • Ululani’s Shave Ice
    • All the flavors are good but my go-to is mango. I gotta have mango
  • Succulent shopping
  • Strawberry picking at Kula Country Farms with the bestie
  • Polli Polli, and hearing the birds and being around nature. It was raining, but it was still amazing
  • Korean food
  • “Duet” – The Flash / Supergirl crossover episode
    • Amazing!!!! I thoroughly enjoyed it. The musical numbers were great.
    • I wish there was more. Especially more singing from Darren. And Grant. And Jeremy. And Carlos!!
    • Overall, very great. I loved this. I want more like this
    • Grant dancing a little towards the end of “Put A Little Love In Your Heart” gave me Glee flashbacks and I did not have any complaints whatsoever
    • “I love you more than the lightning bolt I wear on my chest” – Super Friends
  • Essential oils are the bees knees. We usually get ours from doTERRA. I gotta always have lavender, peppermint, and melaleuca
  • Power Rangers Movie (2015)
    • I love superhero shows/movies and cartoons. I grew up watching cartoons, and man the 90s were filled with the best. I was quite excited for this when I heard it was going to be made, but I wasn’t expecting too much. Honestly, this movie really surprised me because I absolutely loved it.
    • I was fangirling throughout the movie, especially at the end.
    • I cried too. Because it was really good.
    • I mean, I know this is just an introduction movie, but I wished there was more action scenes.
    • And I wish they did the thing!!! (I don’t want to give away any spoilers.)
    • I’m excited for the next one!
    • PSA: Netflix has Power Rangers on it, the original one. Watching them now as an adult, some of the episodes are pretty tacky, but I still love them
  • Forever 21 floral shift dress I got on sale
  • Light gray knit cardigan sweater from Cable & Gauge
    • I thrifted it, new with tags, and it was half off
    • Also, I was a bit biased because it has ‘Gauge’ in the brand
  • Pink Sunsilk shampoo ~ makes my hair so nice and soft
  • Lara and Gilbert went back to Washington
  • Felby came home from their Europa trip
  • Lynie also came home from her Japan trip
  • I understand that this list is very long and superfluous
  • Like I said in the beginning, March was a pretty big month for me

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