POW, #13 – Golden Hour

Ahhhhh, the infamous Golden Hour. The hour of gold.

The golden hour is the time before sunset or after sunrise when the sun casts amazing golden tones.

I really wanted to do an early golden hour, because the sun shines on my house as it rises which would make really nice golden hour photos. But alas, I am not a morning person and I would rather sleep.

But hopefully this will do.

This was taken as the sun rose. I love it when the sun shines through the windows and casts golden shadows. I think I would become a morning person just for that reason, but sleep is just so good.

The story said from this photo? I’ll let you make your own.

For me, it tells a story of someone (probably a kid) looking out the window while eating breakfast, knowing it’s gonna be a good day.

(03/29/17; 6:39AM)


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