POW, #9 – Still Life

I remember in my eigth grade art class we had to do an oil pastel drawing of still life. Our prop was a vase of flowers. I didn’t really like how my drawing came out but I actually still have it (along with the other artsy things from school I wanted to keep).

For the week, the challenge was “still life”. When I think of still life I think of bowls of fruit or a vases with flowers. But those are basic and boring and not that challenging. So I thought I would modernize it a bit by taking a photo of the things bake and sell.

Here we have a pack of mini banana bread cupcakes in various flavors and a coffee cake made with actual coffee.

I like the golden morning rays streaking on the top of the photo. It almost seems like it was brushed on lightly.

I also like the purple and green chameleon light thing reflecting on the plastic packaging. I know I’m not describing it as well as it deserves but it still is nice.

I know this photo is not really still life (and that I could have done so much better), but it’s my still life.


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