• hours in a day
  • two dozen
  • months in two years
  • twice a month for a year
  • atomic number of chromium
  • dimensional faces of a tesseract
  • inches in two feet
  • total major and minor keys in Western tonal music
  • Kobe Bryant’s jersey number
  • seconds on the clock to attempt a shot in basketball
  • players on the field in Canadian football
  • bits a computer needs to show TrueColor images
  • carats representing 100% pure gold
  • frames per second a motion picture film is usually projected
  • episodes in season 6 of Criminal Minds
  • the maximum number of unit spheres in a 4-dimensional space that can all touch another unit sphere without overlapping (also known as a “kissing number”)
  • music videos of Arctic Monkeys
  • songs on the Grease soundtrack
  • points on a backgammon board
  • cycles in a Chinese solar year
  • letters in classical and modern Greek alphabet 
  • furlongs in one league
  • 10 to the 24th power is a yotta
  • semiperfect number

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