POW, #5 – Ten Shots

The week’s challenge was to shoot a subject 10 times, each time with a different angle, distance, and focal length.

For my subject I used the big cactus plant in our frontyard. This cactus (cacti probably) is massive, taller than me. But I really love it, and cacti and succulents in general. I got carried away and took more than ten shots. But I’m not too sure about the different focal lengths because I used my iPhone to take the photos.

Anyway, here’s my favorite from the set.

I had a lot of fun shooting this cacti. Nature is so cool. Doesn’t it look like a weird looking giraffe-fish-mutant or some other animal from this angle? It just goes to show you it’s all about the angles.

(02/05/17; 6:32PM)


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