POW, #4 – Mirror

So the week’s challenge was to tell a story using a mirror. I thought about this a lot and the things I could do. I didn’t really want me to be in it. And I didn’t really want to use a normal mirror.

So I thought about things that reflect, because isn’t that was mirrors do? Almost anything can be a mirror. I mean, we use our front-facing camera on our phones as mirrors. We could use a spoon, or a pot, or glass. My niece loves seeing her reflection on our water filter faucet attachment.

As I looked around in my room, I saw my TV. And the reflection it showed of bed. I thought, ‘That is my story.’

So here’s a story snippet of me reflected through my little old television, featuring my unmade bed, my washi tape decorations on my wall, my little bedside table, and my laptop charger on my floor.

(01/28/17; 11:53pm)


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