35mm x mainland 2015

I recently developed film and picked it up last week. I have since misplaced those photos after being with them for less than 24 hours. (I’m sure it’s somewhere, either my cousin’s car or grandma’s house or my house.) I know I’m forgetful, but it happens. I’m just thinking of it as being another treat once I find it again.

Anyways, I started to remember the last time I developed film, which was June 2015. (Whoa, I didn’t realize it was that long ago.) I’m still sad that they don’t give out actual negatives anymore when you develop film. Instead, they put the photos for you in a CD, which is nice because it makes sharing photos a lot more easier.

So, I thought I would share with you some of my favorite photos from those rolls taken nearly two years ago on a trip to the Mainland, mainly California with a little bit from Washington and Oregon.


I miss using film. I am also missing the Mainland.

And you.


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