POW, #2 – SOOC

What’s SOOC? It stands for Straight Out Of the Camera. No edits or anything, just the photo itself straight from the device.

I edit my photos 99.9% of the time before posting them, like almost everyone. I like this challenge because it reminds me of analog, where the option of editing was pretty much nonexistent. It forces you to think artistically and not rely on future editing to make your photograph “good”. You take a photo with as much control as the camera and settings allow you, and what you get is what you get. That surprise for the outcome is truly where the love and excitement of analog comes from. And I just love that.

But this is not analog. It’s from my iPhone. (I know I’ve said to myself that I would use my point-and-shoot more and I’m trying.) Well, here it is.

This was taken at my home around sunset. The sky is a bit too dark and the sunrays are not as bright, but that’s SOOC for ya. Vog is here, and as much as I don’t like it, it does cause really nice sunsets.

I will always be fortunate that I live here, where I can turn my head and see the mountains, I can turn my head the other way and see the ocean, and I can look ahead and see our most beloved mountain.

(Also, side story: I think it was on  Wednesday, the moon was really nice and bright and big and yellow. And it reflected so nicely on the ocean. I could see it from my house and it was just beautiful. I tried to take a photo of it but I really didn’t do it justice.)

(01/09/17, 5:03PM)


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