POW, #1 – Rule of Thirds

As you may or may not know, I’m following DIY Photography’s Photo of the Week Challenge, or POW as I’m calling it.

The first week’s challenge was ‘Rule of Thirds’. This rule is actually the first things you learn as a “photographer” so it makes sense that it’s the first challenge.

This is my take on the rule of thirds, taken from my front yard. The red flower on the left side and also the small red heart-shaped petal on the right side are not only the interest points for the rule of thirds, but they also balance out and compliment the green background and foreground, which make them pop out even more.

I would have liked to not have the shoes in the background, but I guess it gives the photo a homey feel.

I really like that small red heart-shaped petal. And that spider web string thing on through is so cool. I’m glad to have seen it and shot it. Nature is just cool in general.

(01/04/17, 8:32AM)


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