2016: A Review

So last year (or was it the beginning of this year?) I decided to do that thing where I’ll add things and such in a box throughout the year, then at the end I’ll take out its contents to see and reminisce etc etc.

Well folks, it’s the end of 2016. And here are the things from my 2016 box:

2016 memory box contents

  • plane tickets
    • To Oahu (January and October)
    • To Washington (June)
  • movie stubs
    • Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens (01/04/16)
    • Kung Fu Panda 3 (02/05/16)
    • Batman vs Superman (03/26/16)
    • Captain America: Civil War (05/05/16)
    • Me Before You (06/03/16)
    • Finding Dory (06/26/16)
    • Star Trek Beyond (07/31/16)
    • Moana (12/02/16)
    • Rogue One (12/16/16; 12/20/16) [Yes I watched Rogue One twice]
  • blackout poem
  • Tagalog Regional Convention badge (July)
  • stickers
  • receipts
  • my first (and second) overdraft notice (November)
  • thank you card from Kristina (August)
  • purple flower pin
  • blue whale favor thank you from my sister’s gender reveal (February)
  • shave ice stamp from Ruby
  • akamai coffee cup coaster
  • aloha print fabric petal for flower pin
  • swap meet entrance ticket
  • fun factory token
  • sea shells
  • heart shape rock from Hana (February)
  • orchid from a lei from when we went to a luau (October)
  • Gauge’s birth announcement that I designed (June)
  • glasses so that I could see the partial solar eclipse ~ I remember it was so cloudy that day, but I did get a chance to see a part of it (March)
  • surprise text message from K ~ I know it’s a bit weird that I wrote it down, but I just didn’t want to forget it, and that text did lead to a series of email later on (February)
  • Tagalog party party favors (November)
  • a few Instaxs
    • whale watching (February)
    • camping in Washington (July)
    • Kerry Park, WA (July)
    • Bamboo Forrest, Hana (September)
    • Olinda Forrest, Makawao (October)
  • my uncle & aunty’s surprise 45th anniversary party invitation and favor (September)
  • things from Brian & Michelle’s wedding ~ “Keep Cool and Marry On”, thank you, photobooth photo (October)
  • camping car sign (July)
  • Marination menu (August)
  • responses I wrote down to email back K (February)
  • playlist for K (November)

Very random things. I wish there were more.

I tried my best to keep up with adding things. But of course, there are some things you just can’t put in a box. Such as actual memories and people. (I know the latter is debatable, but for the sake of this situation let’s just go with it.)  And also things that are bigger than the box (i.e. my Mariners cup, sunglasses, pouches I’ve sewn, more photos).

While going through the contents, I was reminded of things I forgot (i.e. partial solar eclipse and some movies I watched in the theater), which I know is the point of a memory box. Because a memory is only as good as its remembered. If we forget, what good are they?

Anyway, 2016 felt like a blur. It went by way too fast. (And I’m kinda sad that I’m already talking about 2016 in past tense even though technically it’s still 2016 in Hawaii.)

A lot of things happened. A lot of things didn’t.

There were firsts, like:

  • first time not throwing up while whale watching
  • first regional convention away from home
  • first real camping trip and major league baseball game
  • first nephew, and being there when he was born
  • first time a boy I really like paid for my meal

There were mistakes made, by me and others. I’m still learning and realizing just how much mistakes affect other people, a lot of people, and not just the person who made them. Even “small” ones.

There were good things, and there were bad things too.

And even though it seemed like there were way more bad things, it doesn’t make the good things any less good and nothing short of special.

2016 was special, and in its own way it was great. But there’s no use dwelling on the coulda, shoulda, woulda.

Now, I have to practice stealthily changing 6 to a 7 while writing down the date for 2017 because I know I’ll still be making that mistake well into the year.


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