Getting Ready for 2017

The year ending always makes me nervous. It’s the ending part that is the most anxious part. But for every ending, there’s a new beginning, right?

I’ve started to consolidate and categorize my files for this year in their respective folders. I’ve made plans to clean out my closet and change my bed sheets. I’ve changed my desktop wallpaper for a new change. I’ve changed the theme of this blog. I’ve made a desk calendar and made a planner – which I’m hoping to keep up throughout the year – for next year. I already started plugging in dates and things and I am so anxious and excited all at the same time.

I should feel like I’m all set up for 2017, but I really am not.

Anyways, I thought I’d share with you some calendars I made to help you get ready for 2017. They are yours to download all for free!

1) Hello 2017
An overview of 2017 in its entirety;

2)  2017 Color Me
A calendar you are welcome to color in, and also cut in half or not;

3) 2017 Maui
2017-calender-1-11Another calendar you can also cut in half or not, with some photos I’ve taken around Maui

Please let me know which one you liked the most. I hope you enjoy them!


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