Where Have I Been?

I’ve been here.

I’ve been there.

But I haven’t been everywhere I’d like yet, but that’s okay.

I’m sorry it’s been a while. It seemed like I disappeared after June, and I guess I kinda did. But not really. I don’t really know. I noticed that whenever I go on vacation or visit somewhere else, I tend to use social media and my phone less. It feels quite nice. I guess I’d rather be face-to-face with something or someone and be there in the moment, after capturing it one or twice (or twelve times). I also think it’s quite rude to be on your phone while being around a group of friends. (But it also depends on the setting and such.)

So, I spent nearly two months in Washington (no surprise!) visiting my sister and family and friends (emphasis on the friends).

And I know what you’re thinking, ‘oh my gosh, you always go to Washington. Don’t you want to go somewhere else? Aren’t you tired of always visiting there?’

Short answer: Never. I could never get tired of visiting Washington. I’ve love it even before I’ve step foot on Washington soil. And I always want to go back. Because of you know, my sister and family and friends (emphasis on one friend). I mean, of course I’d love to visit other places. I just keep coming back here.

I’ve actually never been in Washington during the summer. Well no, that’s a lie, because the first time I actually went to WA was in June 2011 after our Alaskan cruise. But we were there for like two days, and two days was definitely not enough.

Anyways, I was there this summer and it was amazing! I mean, WA in general is amazing, but summertime in WA, is truly something else, in an amazing way.

Here’s a list of the highlights and things I want to remember of my summer in Washington: (with photos at the end!)

  • First time taking a red-eye flight
  • Airplane sunrises might be my new favorite
  • The sun brightened everything up
  • The sun didn’t set until like 9pm, and I wasn’t used to it but I loved it just the same
  • Seeing the back of K’s head first and realizing he changed his hairstyle (the “new hair, who dis?” shock so real)
  • Seeing K for the first time after a long time and almost forgetting to breathe (seriously all I could do was nod and smile and I couldn’t even form legit sentences)
  • Dancing hula with my sister at her father-in-law’s retirement party
  • Having an aunty tell me K likes me when he was literally three feet away from us (but I already knew)
  • Regional Convention (first Tagalog one)
  • Seeing old friends and making new ones
  • Giving K the flower pin I made with a little note
  • K wearing the pin the next day (and commenting on the note, which I was slightly embarrassed about)
  • K asking me if I wanted to share a plate/tab with him at Asadero’s (of course I said yes, after a mini dance party in my chest commenced)
  • Talking with K about the things we liked about the program
  • PSS feeding
  • AJ’s graduation party and K being near
  • K as MS
  • Iloko meeting
  • Aunty Lina’s annual Sunday brunch
  • Outdoor movie (The Good Dinosaur) night at the park
  • Earl grey ice-cream sandwich with lemon poppyseed cookies
  • ‘We’re against our significant others’ and other Sequence related things (like being on the same team, sitting next to or across each other)
  • K handing and refilling my cup for me without me asking him to (technically)
  • Cruising a marina-front
  • “Greetings from Seattle” mural (located at 2231 2nd Avenue, Seattle)
  • Star Trek movie
  • Chopping off my hair (into a lob) after five years of having long hair
  • Going to a baseball game for the first time (Mariners versus Red Sox)
  • Sitting next to K during the baseball game
  • K’s intro song being ‘A Thousand Miles’ (mine being a classical song or possibly most likely Ed Sheeran)
  • Hanging out with K’s mom (and maybe she’s starting to like me???)
  • Camping (for real for the first time) at Lake Kachess
  • Star gazing during camping
  • K and I seeing the the same falling star
  • “Catching a falling star and put it in your pocket, never let it fade away,” a Princess Diaries moment
  • Everything was so cold but so so beautiful
  • Reese’s s’mores
  • Swimming in the lake with life jackets
  • That ‘content-I’m-happy-especially-because-you’re-here-and-I-really-like-you’ look K gave me
  • Visit from Krisitna and Blake
  • That other look K gave me after I expressed deep concern after he got a nasty scratch from basketball
  • K thinking of a name for us
  • K telling Gilbert (who told me) that every time he hangs out with me he likes me more and more
  • Seeing four mountain tops along the horizon at one time while in the airplane
  • (there’s probably more but whatevs)

Summer in Washington is beautiful. I love it. I love that I do something new every time I visit. I love being there in any season. It’s just so hard to leave.

I usually go to WA during autumntime. I love the cooler weather and layering up and seeing the leaves change color (and the cheaper flights during autumn). And for the last three years I’ve visited WA during autumn (I’ve spent the last two Labor Days there), so it’s kinda weird being home during this time when this time last year I was there. It feels strange but it is what it is. And it just shows me that a lot (A LOT) can happen in a year.

I love (and am very thankful) that I get to go to WA as much as I do. So next visit in the springtime maybe? I’d love to see the tulips in full bloom, and see the two lips that make me smile so much. (Oh gosh, that was such a bad pun, please forgive me.)


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