Letters to June, #30

Dear June,

Thank you for being so good to me. I feel like this started off slow but then everything came rushing towards the end. But it was all good. I mean, it wasn’t all good all the time. But it was enough. This month went by so fast.

I spent a lot of my days creating things. It’s so nice to see the end results of the things you make with your hands. I hosted an outdoor movie night. I met my nephew for the first time. I took a red-eye flight for the first time. I saw the boy I like for the first time in several months. There were a lot of firsts, a lot of laughing, a lot of crying, a lot of a lot of things.

So thank you for being great. Thank you for the sunshine and the pretty cloud patterns. Thank you for cool nights. Thank you for everything.

I thought about this letter, my last letter to you, June – I won’t be writing to you for a while at least. I wanted to do something special because that’s what you are – special. But this isn’t a goodbye letter. Because I don’t do goodbyes very well, as with endings. And you, June, are forever.

I will look back at you and all the things that happened, and I will smile. And I hope you will too.

I’ll see you soon.

Love and all the great things,



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