Letters to June, #29

Dear June,

I am finally here and it is so nice and amazing and good. 

It felt like a long time coming here. I couldn’t sleep on the plane. It just wasn’t comfortable for me. And maybe I was a bit too excited to see the sunrise. I looked out a few hours into the flight and saw stars still twinkling while the peak gradient from the sunrays of light yellow and orange and blue. And then seeing the bright yellow and orange and pink and blue increase with each passing minute was so amazing.

And then everything was bright. And then there was so much clouds below us. And then we passed by rows of white sprinkled mountain tops. It was so surreal and so beautiful.

I love it here. I love how fresh it feels. I love how the day becomes brighter. I love the people here. I especially love how the sun doesn’t set until around 9pm. I just love being here.

I saw the boy I like today June. It’s my first day here and I saw him. He smiled at me and I felt like I was shaking inside because I was so nervous. I haven’t seen him in months and his hairstyle is different but he still looks really cute. My goodness that boy. He is so nice and amazing and good. And I know I’ve already said that, but he is. I am just so so happy I am here. I hope this will be great.

I’ll write to you soon.

Love and all the good things,



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