Letters to June, #26

Dear June,

What’s in a name? I’ve been thinking about names and their meanings and how much thought goes into naming someone and how names impact us.

Why do people name their children the names they name them? I like hearing stories like that. You (usually) don’t name someone by chance. You listen and you think and you feel. People like strong and beautiful names with nice meanings. I mean, who would want the meaning of their name to be animal poop or something stink? That would be so not nice. And I realize that people we know influence our naming. I wouldn’t want to name my child the name of someone I didn’t like. I know that sounds strange, but that’s just how it is.

My sister named their son Gauge because they heard/read it somewhere and her and husband liked it. My sister named her firstborn Ariani because it’s a mix of her and her husband’s name. Ariani’s middle name is also a mix of both her grandpas’ names.

I just learned that my mom wanted to name my oldest sister Pamela, but my dad didn’t want to. My mom likes the idea of combining names, but my dad doesn’t. My dad named my other sister. And both my parents named me.

My name sounds similar to that famous boat, Lurlene. But j wasn’t named after that boat. I was named because my parents liked the name Darlene, but they wanted to keep the L pattern (my sisters’ names both start with L) so they just replaced the D with an L. Bam! Larlene is born.

It’s kinda weird because I have multiple nicknames. There’s the nickname my family and close friends call me (Larlen or Len) and then there’s the nickname my school friends call me (Lar). And it would be more interesting if I said that each nickname has a different persona, but no. They are all me.

I used to not like my name because it’s difficult to pronounce. Or maybe it just sounds weird on my tongue. But now I’m learning to love my name.

I researched my name and I found out that it’s of Irish origin and it means “promise”. I don’t think my parents knew what it meant back then but that’s kinda a lot to live up to. My name reminds me to keep my promises and not to give them away freely. A promise is a promise they say. And I promise to love. I promise to laugh and smile. I promise to grow but keep my roots close to family.

I’ll write to you soon June.

Love and all the good things,



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