Letters to June, #14

Dear June,

We had a family dinner at my grandma’s house. We call her house “Mainhouse” because that’s where pretty much all of my family settled down and still lives.

(Let me tell you June: I come from a big family. More specifically, there’s a lot on my mom’s side. She has 10 other siblings, and I have 18 first cousins alone from her side, etc etc. I used to be the youngest of my cousins but there’s now younger one (she’s about 11/12 years younger). My dad has three other siblings and I have only two first cousins from his side.)

Anyways, tonight we were having dinner because it’s my brother and sister(in-law)’s wedding anniversary. They’re anniversary is actually tomorrow but tonight was the night when all of us could get together.

They’ve been married four years now. And that may not seem like a long time June, but it kinda is. But it’s kinda not also. It seems like they’ve been married longer. Four years. (That’s like how long high school is.)

It’s kinda funny but my brother and sister couldn’t make it to the dinner because my sister was feeling sick (and no she’s not pregnant). But we’d prepared all this food, had leis to give them, and my cousin even baked a tiramisu cake (which I wrote on it, quite nicely I may add). We thought we’d still have the anniversary dinner even if they weren’t able to come. Of course we saved some food for them. We even saved about half of the cake (the half with “Anni” and their names).

I like how my family dinners end up feeling like a party because there’s so many of us and there’s a lot of food. Like a lot of good food.

Anyways, I hope you’re doing well. I’ll write to you soon.

Love and all the good things,



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