Letters to June, #7

Dear June,

This afternoon I got a text message from my cousin. She was asking me to get some rosemary from our front yard and give it to her dad (who likes to tends crops in our yard) because she needed some for what she was making for dinner. So I went outside with a pair of scissors and I start rosemary picking. Well, it was mostly trimming – we have four rosemary bushes – but I did have to pick which parts to trim so yeah. Have you ever smelled rosemary before June? (I’m sure you have.) Rosemary has this distinctive strong smell, and I think it smells so lovely.

So while I was there trimming away, my cat, Kela, comes up behind me and brushes against my leg, which scares me half to death. And mind you it was in mid-cut, with the scissors in hand! I yelled at her not to sneak up on me like that again. I can just tell you’re laughing at me now June. And I don’t blame you. I laughed too.

A butterfly came by and kept flying around near me. It was quite large and its wings were flapping really fast, it kinda freaked me out a bit. But being out there around all that rosemary and trees and flowers and earth was so nice. My fingers smelt of rosemary for hours after (even though I washed them more than once). But I really didn’t mind the smell.

And I guess some things in life are like that. Like love or heartbreak or some other things I can’t remember right now. It’s like you can still smell it, even if it is a faint smell. And even if you’ve washed and washed and washed numerous times. It’s like you can still taste it, even after you’ve had several meals. Or several drinks.  It’s like you can still feel it, like after you’ve scratched your skin and it still kinda tingles or something, and you can tell where you’ve scratched because the lines are slightly still there. An after-smell, or an after-taste, or an after-feeling. Sometimes it’s a really good thing, June. Sometimes it really isn’t.

Anyways, I was listening to my Spotify jams playlist while in the shower today (the name of the playlist is actually ‘jams’ and currently has 266 songs) and it played all my favorite songs that I wanted to hear one after the other. I mean, yeah I did make the playlist and choose the songs to go in it, but sometimes even though it may be my jam (do people even say that anymore?), I might not be in the mood to hear it, so I skip it. Then I feel kinda bad for skipping one of my favorites. You know what I mean, right, June? And with this playlist that has over 250 various songs, I thought I was bound to hit some mood bumps, but no. This time, I didn’t have to skip any songs because I was like ‘Yes! This is what I need! This is what I want to hear!’ And I thought that for every song that came up. It was wonderful.

I hope your day was fresh and lovely and nice. I’ll write to you soon.


Love and all the good things,



P.S. If you’re wondering June, here’s a list of some of the unskippable worthy and just right songs from today:

  • Take Me Away – Bleachers, Brooke Candy, Rachel Antonoff
  • If I Could Fly – One Direction
  • The Best of Me (Acoustic) – The Starting Line
  • West – Sleeping At Last
  • Wake Me – Bleachers
  • Out of the Woods – Ryan Adams

I feel like there were maybe one or two more, but this was mostly it. I know they’re all on the slower mellower side, but June, it was just what I needed.


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