A List of Good Things From Monday’s Adventure

  • Ocean Shores Beach
  • Them kicking you out so you had to ride in our car
  • Improved car conversations (but still needs to be worked on)
  • The smell of your cologne
  • You changing into slippers (I was also wearing slippers)
  • Going near shore and dipping our feet in the water
  • Barefoot in the sand
  • Playing baseball with you pitching and me trying to concentrate on the ball and not on your face while without making a fool out of myself
  • Hitting the ball twice and actually scoring a point
  • Playing in the sand with Italy and Milan
  • Go Karts
  • Someone saying we should ride together because there weren’t enough karts for everyone to race all at once
  • You being so nice and not awkward when we got paired up together
  • Me driving and you teaching me how to drift on the track
  • Us laughing and screaming of happiness and fun
  • I felt so alive in that moment with you
  • Ice-Cream Happy Ending
  • “Two Too”
  • You sitting across of me while we’re eating our ice-cream
  • Me standing in a way so that the sun isn’t hitting you in the face and you telling me to go more left or right
  • You telling me (twice) how impressed you were of my drifting
  • “It should’ve been” (for round two)
  • Hearing you sing along to songs during the car ride
  • Coming home and realizing I got a tan on my legs from wearing shorts

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