250/365 – September 7, 2015





Went back to Ocean Shores since mostly everyone was off of work! I actually went here last year – it was the last thing I did before going back home but now it’s kinda the first thing I did at the start of my trip.

This is the Pacific Ocean that connects Washington to Maui.

This beach is not like the beaches back home, but it’s still a beach so it’s still good. It was really nice and sunny when we got there but the clouds came over the horizon, but it was still pretty sunny.

People were shocked that I decided to wear shorts (I wore shorts last year too) but it’s the beach and I knew if it was anything like last year, it would get hot and sunny and I would be fine in shorts – which I was was.

We played baseball on the sand and I actually hit the ball and made it back to home plate which is amazing and surprising because I am not sporty and have terrible hand-eye coordination.

I played in the sand with Italy and Milan.

After that we ate at a fish shack and then went go-karting. There wasn’t enough karts for everyone so some of the single riders (me included) had to pair up – so I ended up pairing with my friend Kevin during the first round. It was so much fun driving and drifting on the slick track. I think it’s also equally fun being a passenger.

After that we had a happy ending with some ice-cream. I got White Chocolate Raspberry Yum.


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