216/365 – August 4, 2015





Opened the refrigerator to find this box with actual stuffed malasada treats inside.

I think that purple/pink/blue color is my favorite color.

I took a personality test (on 16personalities.com or something like that) and this is what my result was. Apparently my personality makes up 4% of the population. Some of the things mentioned was on point, and I realized more things about myself from my results.

Finally my prints came in from the film I developed (almost a month ago). The saddest thing now about this whole process isn’t that I can’t find anyplace that can develop film in-house or even that it took three weeks for my film to be printed somewhere else and mailed back or even that it is so darn expensive – it is that they don’t give back the film negatives anymore. THEY DON’T GIVE BACK FILM NEGATIVES ANYMORE. Instead they put the prints on a CD, which is nice because I don’t have to scan the photos. BUT I STILL WANT THE FILM NEGATIVES! Yeah, I never used them to make more prints but it doesn’t feel like I’m actually shooting film without receiving any film negatives. An era is dying and I’m just sad.

Anyway one roll I developed was from my trip to WA and CA earlier this year. These were my favorite prints from the bunch. I’ll probably post them up later.


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