215/365 – August 3, 2015





It’s been a while since I had coffee in the morning and I am so glad I did because I had a pretty long day at work with so much surprises and things and honestly that caffeine boost helped.

I listened to my ipod, which my mom now uses and I haven’t updated since like 2011 and oh my goodness.  Some songs I didn’t even remember downloading and listening to. Some songs I haven’t listened to in a while but I still remembered the lyrics. It brought back so many memories.

Trying to figure out which lipstick I like without actually trying them on. I don’t need any more (and I don’t even use them a lot) but I just like to try them on.

And since I had a long day at work, I thought I deserved to eat some ice cream.  (P.S. Cookies and creme is my favorite. )


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