List 080315

● I didn’t make a list for yesterday
● Nothing much exciting happen besides me finding my mom’s old jacket
● which I am seriously considering just taking it on my trip
● I am going to Seattle in a month
● for a month
● I cannot wait to go
● I had coffee this morning
● which was really nice because I haven’t had coffee in the morning for a while
● and I’m glad I had coffee
● because I needed it, especially today
● I had a pretty long day at work
● So many things happened in like the first 30 minutes of my day, starting when I was going through my emails
● It took me by surprise
● I had to do a lot of breathing exercises
● But I handled it
● I mean, I could have handled some things better
● but it’s no use beating myself up for the things that have already been done that I can’t change
● Tomorrow is a new day


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