Hello, I am still Here

Hello world and all out there who is reading this.

Sorry I kinda ‘fell off the Earth’ there and kinda stopped (well I didn’t “kinda stopped” I did stop) posting for a while. I didn’t realize I hadn’t been posting my “Four A Day” series regularly and I am sorry for that. If you want to keep up with my “Four A Day” photo challenge series, check out my tumblr where I post them there more often than I post them here (if you’re on that, if you want). And the reason for that is because I deleted the WordPress app on my phone because it wasn’t cooperating nicely with me and I needed space (darn you snarky Apple products!) and I try not to turn on and use my laptop after work unless I really need to because I am trying to lessen my eye exposure to LED/LCD monitors and things since I am literally staring at a computer for most of my time at work. And I hear that is apparently that is not good for my eyes and health.

But I have a few things lined up:

  • Getting up to date with my “Four A Day” photo challenge series
    • That means I’ll be posting like a bunch of things at a time until I’m caught up
  • June Book Challenge
    • I read a bunch of books in June and you’ll know more about it once I post it. (Spoiler Alert: I’m almost done with it. Spoiler Spoiler Alert: There are no spoilers for the books.)
  • More Poetry
    • I’ve been doing a little more writing (not as much as I’d like to honestly though) and I’ve written new poems and made some from past journal entries, which I’m calling ‘excerpt from my journal’ – it’s not original, but it serves its purpose
  • Maybe more Graphic design Things???
    • Do y’all wanna see more of that? I’ve made a few more things but I’ve been so busy with work and then being tired and lazy after work that I haven’t really made more things than I’d like to (you guys can kinda see a pattern going on)
  • More Lists
    • Including playlists and other lists of good things in general (like this one!)
    • Maybe I could start a Daily List (like I need to start another series when I’m doing so many already)
      • But this would be at least three things about that day/moment, which I think would be kinda fun to do
      • (???)
  • I kinda wanna start by Free Writes again
    • But we’ll see how that goes
    • This could tie up with my Daily List thing I mentioned in the above bullet

And here’s a little update on me right now:

  • My hair is really long right now – the longest it’s ever been actually – and I love it
  • There are so many things on my mind that my brain is kinda going crazy
  • And it doesn’t help that I haven’t been drinking coffee regularly (which is actually a kinda good thing health-wise, but not a good thing me-wise)
  • I am on my last pair of contact lenses
  • My brother just set up these Digital cable boxes in our house (so you know what that means? BBC America!!!)
  • I went shopping yesterday so that was nice

So yeah. Stay tuned y’all!


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