138/365 – May 18, 2015


So I kinda watched the entire Video Game High School webseries within the last 24 hours. I’ll admit – I am a binge watcher. But I’m not even sorry because that was one of the best webseries I’ve ever watched. I’ve briefly seen gif sets of it so I decided to watch it for myself, finally. The storyline is awesome, the quality is amazing, and the cast is wonderfully beautiful.

There is only three seasons (gosh I wish there was one more – at least one more episode!) and the episodes ranges from like 10-50 minutes, so it felt like I was watching an actual TV show because the other webseries I’ve watched were a lot shorter. I watched it on YouTube, but guess what? It’s also on Netflix now! *cheers and applause*

I also may or may not have downloaded all three seasons and bought a tshirt. (Spoiler alert: I did.)

I could probably go on and on about VGHS but I won’t. Please watch it if you haven’t. It’s actually for everyone and not just gamers so yeah.

After that I went outside for a while just so that I could get some fresh air and say I went outside for a while.


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