111/365 – April 21, 2015



It felt like today was even windier than yesterday. My hair was blowing every which way. I thought I was going to fly for a bit.

I liked by outfit today. I wore my shiny pointed flats. I don’t wear these flats a lot because they are very shiny and leathery (is it leather?) and it has ankle straps. I really like this blouse. I don’t think I wear it enough. I love the colors, the polka dots, the faux collar (because it’s not really a collar), and especially the lace detailing. That part is my favorite.

And you know what else is my favorite? Getting the thing I ordered online in the mail. It’s like a present to me from me.

I bought some slippers online because I actually don’t have a simple, good, comfy pair and I have incredibly small feet so it’s difficult to find nice, good, adult-looking shoes in the stores. So online I venture sometimes. And these are cool hipster slippers, so I just had to get them.


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