103/365 – April 13, 2015


Simple breakfast.

I decided to clean out a bit of my closet by getting rid of some t-shirts I hardly use. And I have a lot of t-shirts. I realized that I don’t wear them as often because they are too long and look awkward on me if I wear it as is, so I decided to cut the bottom of some. And by some I mean like 10.

And then I decided to make this no sew t-shirt tote bag I saw on Pinterest. I made one using a Doctor Who shirt that says “it’s bigger on the inside” (haha, get it?) and I love it so much! I made another one using Wong Fu Production’s Nice Guy line, and I love that one too. I can’t wait to use these out in the store.

And here is a plant I noticed outside today. It looks like eight succulent octopus plants huddled together. I love it.


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