98/365 – April 8, 2015




 Much needed coffee this morning because I had to drive and pick up my brother by this automotive place. And then we went to the DMV because my sister-in-law needed to register her car. (And while I was waiting for them I was watching cupcake wars and one person on a team dropped the pan she was using to cook/melt/something for like a filling I think but I gasp loudly, I felt so bad for those people. That round especially was so intense.)

After that my brother and I went to Ross and I found these amazing notebooks. I was only going to buy this blue one, but I caved in and bought all three. (Like I need anymore notebook, am I right?) But in my defense, I’m going to give two away as gifts so there’s that.

It was pretty cloudy and windy and cold after work. I just like the wave-like shape these treetops are making.

My parents gave me an avocado smoothie from their working place when they picked me up from work, and it reminded me of when I was younger and my parents used to stop over on the way home to get shave ice after they picked me up from my grandma’s house.


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