86/365 – March 27, 2015


Today was really sunny and nice so it was a really good day to be out!

I saw these beautiful succulent plants planted along the sidewalk in front of someone’s house. Can you imagine if all sidewalks had this kind of succulent plant border? The world would be a better, happier place I’d think.

These trees are very tropical(ish) so I wanted to try and take a silhouette shot against the sun but it’s was a bit harder than I expected because the sun is bright so I couldn’t see what I was shooting that good. I kinda like the sunflare thing going on (I don’t know).

So I pass by this Little Free Library almost everyday. I’ve been small kine obsessed with these Little Free Library things ever since I saw a pic of a Darth Vader looking one. So I started googling them and I saw that we had one on Maui and it was fairly close to my house. It’s along with busy, tight street but today I had the opportunity to check it out. It was all I ever dreamed of and more. (Next stop, finding the Darth Vader and TARDIS ones.)

‘How stay Good’ ah pidgin, dats da kine.


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