free write 3 – children

I am fascinated with children’s brains and how their minds work and their imagination. I think their imagination is so creative and innocent and I just love it. I think that’s why I try to harness every sort of kid in me that I have left. I do think I am quite childish sometimes and there are still many things out there that I need to learn. Sometimes I forget that I don’t need to act like a child to think like one.

I love the creative imagination kids have. It’s something I wish we can carry with us through adulthood and our lives but sadly life happens and we somehow lose that childlike creative imagination thing. And that’s why I think I like being around children and playing with them and just listening to all their crazy stories. I hope that somehow their creativity will rub off on me.

So the other day I was playing with my niece and I was kinda just watching her play with her toys and stuff. She’s a little more than a year and a half and she can’t really talk in complete words and sentences yet so it’s kinda hard to understand her most of the time. But I like watching her when she plays. I think it’s so cool how baby’s minds work and every time I watch her I just think about all the possible things she could be thinking about but I will never know because she can’t tell me.

Anyways, we were playing with her sock monkey and pony. She had played with them separately just a few hours ago but when we showed her that the sock monkey could ride on the pony, she got excited and wanted to play with them like that. She kinda just dragged the pony across the ground. We tried showing her a few times that the pony hops/gallops, and after a while she got it. And then she also starting playing with her toy car, which she dragged across the ground. And she must have known that dragging the pony across the ground and dragging the car across the ground is different – one feels better than the other – because I saw her playing with the car wheels, like spinning them, and I could see the wheels turning in her head so to speak.

And then I thought about that commercial I saw on tv or on YouTube, I think it was a Microsoft commercial about young girls being passionate about science and stuff and how this one girl made a garage remote and another girl built a computer. I hope my niece will be as creative and smart when she grows older.

My niece loves stacking things and putting things together. And it doesn’t really take much to entertain her and that’s what I love about kids also. My niece loves playing with water bottles. We have a few water bottles on a cabinet shelf which we use to water the indoor plants and stuffs, and my niece loves grabbing them and moving them around to the dinning table and the living room table and back again. When she’s in my room, she takes some books on my shelves and places them on the floor and then stacks them on top of each other.

She is a rascal and makes a lot of mess, but I love watching her play and seeing her mind work and her learning and understanding things. I only wish I knew what she’s thinking. And dreaming. Like what do babies dream about?

I can’t wait until my niece is older and I can understand her better when her speech improves and I can just imagine all the fun we’re gonna have painting and drawing and playing bubbles outside and playing with my old kitchen toy set I still have. I mean I could do all those things with her now but it’s not gonna be the same (I can just see her eating the paint and breaking my colored pencils/crayons and rough-handling my kitchen toy set.)

Anyways, I don’t really know what I was going for in this free write. Maybe it’s that children have a special way of thinking we don’t really understand it and it’s the same with how children don’t really understand adult thinking. And not everyone loses their childlike imagination when they grow up, but a lot of people do. And I don’t know, I think a lot about growing up – even though I’m 22 and practically an adult. I know there’s an expression about how there’s a kid in every one of us, but I wanna keep that kid in me with all its creativity and imagination but I know eventually I’ll have to “grow up”. Is it possible to be both?


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