So I wanted to start this thing

where I would do a 15-minute free write every week to get my creative juices flowing.

I remember doing free writes for my Creative Writing class, and I recently realized that I miss doing them.

So I thought about doing them again, maybe on Fridays so that I could call them Free Write Friday’s, but I missed it last Friday. (But hopefully I could do it this Friday.)

I actually miss the creative classes I took in school, like the graphic design classes and creative writing class, because it helped me to be more creative and to expand my thinking. Sure I’ve been trying to get into more side projects and looking for agendas/tutorials online, but it’s just not the same.

It’s not the same as actually going to school. I like having criterias and deadlines because I actually have to do it because I am paying for the class and I need a good grade. Whereas I’m not in school, so yes I have more time to do more of the things I wanna do and work on, but do I have more motivation to actually do it? Not really.

It’s like I wanna do it, I wanna do something, but something else suddenly comes up, and the creative thing I’ve set up on doing gets pushed aside “for a while”.

I’ve hardly created or designed anything great or new since I graduated college last May. And that makes me sad.

And of course the most simple suggestion is to then do/create something so that I become un-sad. But it’s not that easy.

I bought three typographical books last year (or maybe a little bit more than a year ago) and I only finished reading one. The other two books (fairly thick, I may add, and are sort of a series) are actually still wrapped, just standing on my little shelf. I plan on unwrapping them and reading them eventually. (I mean, they were pretty expensive books so I have to read them at least twice over.)

I mean, I have created / started some things – like my Spam Musubi poster (which I should post actually), my creative sketch and ideas notebook, composing a list of things I want to do. And I have started some pretty nice DIY projects also.

But I wanna do more. I wanna do more graphic design stuffs. I wanna do more DIY stuffs. And I just wanna have more time to do all the things I wanna do.

And I wanna especially have more motivation to do it.

(I guess this was sorta like a free write. Like a test free write. More like a ramble of jumbled thoughts.)


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