40/365 – February 9, 2015





So I’ve been trying to do some cleaning,organizing, and rearranging some DIYs every Monday (well that’s my goal at least) because what better way to start the week than by starting it clean and nice?

(And btw, do you guys start your week on Sunday or Monday? I start mine on Monday.)

It was really, really windy today. At one point it was like 27 mph, but it felt stronger.

I cleaned out and rearranged my shelves to make room for this clothing station area. And with this area cleared, my room feels so much more spacious. I feel like I can have a dance party (of one). And I just love this (I got this idea off YouTuber mylifeaseva, but used a screw on hook instead of tacks). I can plan my outfits the night before and bam, get ready a little faster in the morning. And the hook blends in with my walls (all white) so it’s unnoticeable. I still have to spruce up those white walls though.

I worked on my serving tray a little bit – did the last few spray paints on the top.

I also worked on my mood cork-board (which I started yesterday). I bought this cheap 24×30” photo frame from Savers and some cork board mats (not so cheap) and just put it all together. I had to cut a mat in half so that it could all fit in the frame (dude, I didn’t realize cork is so messy), so the edges were a bit jagged. So I just mod-podged some fabric I got from Ikea a while ago on top and viola! And there’s a photo booth pic I took with my bestie at the wedding last Friday.

The sky had a peak of pink at sunset and that was really nice.


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