33/365 – February 2, 2015




Did a quick DIY before work today. Well I started my next DIY project today. I found this decent serving tray at Goodwill (because I’ve been wanting a tray for a while now for those times I just wanna eat in my room, in bed and it’ll double up as a decorative piece also) so I just spray-painted it black and then I’m gonna add some fabric (or cardstock, I’m still deciding) on the top. I just did one quick all around coat and then after work I did a coat on the bottom.
(P. S. This is actually my first spray paint project *gasp* I know.)

Either the mushroom is too big or my feet is too small (probably both).

It was a pretty windy day so the surf was up. You could say it was a pretty swell day (haha, get it? “swell” – I’m so funny)

When it doubt, cloud it out.


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