I hardly eat breakfast, which is not good I know, so I decided to start by having breakfast on my days off starting today (yay!)I took a creative writing class last year and wrote a poem about wanting to run away while getting the mail, and a line from that poem is “the opaque peak of Haleakala” so now every time I get the mail and see Haleakala “peeking” at me, I think of that line.I want to clean and redecorate my entire room so I started that project of a beast today. My goal is to clean at least one aspect of my room a week. (I want to finish in the next month or so but we’ll see.) I started off with my desk – cleaning out and organizing my drawers, adding trays and putting documents in folders/binders (gosh I’m so unorganized for real). I tried making the top as simple and as uncluttered as possible (but I’m probably gonna rearrange some things around again).I placed this frame on my desk (which I hope to actually put on the wall), which is a magazine clipping I found years ago. I just really like it, and it’s also a great reminder.

I’m kinda obsessed with lip balms (especially the tinted kine omg) and I found a variety pack of these lip balms at Walmart for like a dollarsomething a few days ago, so I’m just gonna put a lip balm in every bag I use and everywhere I go to a lot in my house (kitchen included). This lip balm is not bad, but it’s kinda really wide. I just really like the packaging (A+ packaging yo).


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