I did some chores around the house and did a bit of sewing. Then when I went to get the mail, I took Bertha with me, which is my Fujifilm Instax wide camera. A few months ago, I accidentally exposed some film to the light. And I didn’t want to waste it so I finally decided that I would put the film in and see what happens. The first two shots were kinda a waste because one came out black and one came out white. But then this shot sorta came out. I really like it. It’s like it’s unfinished but that’s just it. It’s half there, and half not. It’s sorta poetic if you think about it.

Then it got really really windy and started to rain and it felt like it was storming through the night. Then the power went out while I was washing dishes (so not the right time for the power to go out, but then again when is it?) So we got the candles out and we had one lit in the living room, so my brother, sister-in-law, and I just sat around and sang while my brother played guitar. It was quite nice. But not that nice when you wake up and the power is still not back on. (It came back on around 9am the next morning.)


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